Lug Shoulder Bag / #01

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ntroducing ONE-OFF Lug Shoulder Bag – Handmade with plant dye.

The ideal everyday go-to bag for all your needs. The front pocket is designed with a drawstring system — Simply cinch the metal stopper to create a ruched look. Fully lined and comes with an inner pocket for the additional compartment space.

Bags are meticulously dyed with cutch wood and persimmon (Kakishibu)

A little info about the dye
Cutch wood: The brown dye comes from the heartwood of the cutch tree (Acacia catechu). It is common to most parts of India, Burma, Indonesia and Peru.

Persimmon (Kakishibu) dye: “Kakishibu" is a traditional Japanese dye made by fermenting the juice extracted from unripe persimmons. The dye undergoes an oxidation process, where it reacts to sunlight and the color changes slowly with time and sun exposure.

Size 43cm x 36cm
Strap Length: ~ 50cm

Actual product colour may vary slightly from the image.