Ley Stash Bag / Fossil Grey

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Crafted with textile Pintuck technique to create a textured look. Designed with a snap button for fastening and fully lined - pomegranate rind dyed cotton webbing strap.

Bags are meticulously dyed with persimmon (Kakishibu)
Persimmon (Kakishibu) dye: “Kakishibu" is a traditional Japanese dye made by fermenting the juice extracted from unripe persimmons. The dye undergoes an oxidation process, where it reacts to sunlight and the color changes slowly with time and sun exposure.

[7 quantities available, patterns may vary]

Size: 23cm x 24cm
Strap length: Custom (Please state desired length at check-out)

Due to the nature of hand dyeing process, actual product colour may vary slightly from image.